Bombs over syria

We left Syria after I saw the bodies of children in the rubble.

"I'm from Deir al-Zour in eastern Syria. During the war, as planes dropped bombs, I protected my children and prayed that we would not be injured. We left Syria after I saw the bodies of children in the rubble because I did not want to see my children end up like that. We fled during the night in between battles so that no one would see us. It was very dangerous, but thank God we survived.

My husband, three children, and I all crossed the mountains, even though it was very difficult and cold. I lost my shoes in one of the valleys, so I walked without them. All of my children were small and could not walk. I carried my youngest daughter across the mountains, and fell many times while carrying her. My husband carried one of our sons. We paid another traveler to carry our other son. The children were crying because they were so cold. When we crossed the border from Syria into Turkey we were put into a dark, cold room so that the police would not see us.

When we decided to cross into Greece, we spent the night outside in the cold air. The next morning we were put in a rubber boat. I couldn’t feel my feet because there were so many people in the boat. I was crying, but I told myself, 'You will survive.'

Thank God that my family and I survived the war and crossing the sea. But my heart is still in a lot of pain because of my family in Syria. I lost two brothers in the war. One was 20 years old and the other was 17 years old. The rest of my family--three sisters, one brother, and my father and mother--are still there. The situation is very bad. There are constant bombs and I know they are scared. There is no hope of getting out. They are just waiting to die. Every night I cry and pray to God that he will preserve them. I am trying to collect 3,000 euros to send to them so that they can get out of Syria. I hope that a miracle occurs so that I can see my family in Syria again."
From: Deir al-Zour, Syria
Current Location: Greece
Family: Married, 2 sons, 1 daughter
Age: 28