Iraq military interpreter

My kids did not know what I did for work. I only warned them not to talk to anybody.

“I worked seven years from 2004-2011 as interpreter for the American military in Iraq. Spies working of the terrorist collected information about each of the interpreters helping America. There is a kind of military in my country called correction. They take care of the big jail where all the bad people go. Once the terrorists get out of the jail they want revenge. In 2010, one man stopped the car of my co-worker who was also an interpreter and shot him. I thought next time it might be me, they might kidnap my family or take my son.My life was in great danger and I was afraid for the safety of my family. My kids did not know what I did for work. I only warned them not to talk to anybody; I told them if a strangers tells you, “I will take you to your daddy, he is injured and he wants you to come to help him,” not to go with them.

All twenty of my friends that were working as interrupters have all lived in America since 2008-2009. I was the only one in Iraq. I was told when I took the job, that when it was complete we could go to America any time. They gave me the appreciation and verification letters.

I have been in America for three months. For me it is not hard because I have lived in Dubai before, but for my family it is extremely hard. It is very difficult when you leave your family, your aunts, uncles, my mom and all my friends. My children miss all their friends.

My goal is to get my green card and then apply for the US military. I have read that they don’t accept you unless you have a green card. If they accept me, I will go back to Iraq as an interpreter. I want my family to get a good education and have a good life here. I want to take care of everybody in my family. This is a great county. I am very happy I am here. It is like I am dreaming, you know. I want to bring my extended family here but is not easy.”

From: Iraq
Current Location: United States
Family: wife & three children
Age: 56 years old