Seeking Happiness in Greece

This 19-year-old refugee was forced to flee her home when ISIS attacked the Shingal area of Northern Iraq, with the intent to commit genocide of the Yazidi people. At the time she wrote these words in 2017, she was living as a refugee in Greece.


“I’m a crazy girl who can be annoying and stubborn. I have many dreams. I want to go anywhere, be happy, live with my family and see all my friends. I want them to be proud of me. Every morning, I want to wake up to the voice of my mom and my family.

I want people to help each other. It makes me happy when I see people laugh and smile. I love the people who don't know how to hate, those that believe nothing is impossible and everything is possible.

I want my friends to understand me, believe me and trust the things I say. I want them to comfort me when I am sad and share my joy when I am happy. Together, we will share our sorrows before our joys. My joy is not complete without my friends.

My family and my friends still ask me, 'What is your wish for your birthday?' They don't know that all I want is to see them happy. I want them to stay with me and love me forever. This is what I want for my birthday.”

From: Iraq
Current Location: Greece
Family: Parents, 4 brothers, 3 sisters
Occupation: Student
Age: 19